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Cryolite, a rare stone type from Greenland, and one of my favorites. This piece you are looking at I really clear, and all white. Some appear with Hematite or Pyrite inclusions, but this one doesn’t.
This amazing piece has some secrets locked inside, ready to share its wisdom with you.

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Additional Information

Size: 2,8 cm high x 2,3 cm wide x 1,3 cm deep
Weight: 16 grams

First of all, Cryolite can be toxic because it can leave a toxic fluoride residue. So be sure to wash your hands after use. It is praised for its ability to raise consciousness, it cleanses and purifies all the ethereal bodies, making higher states of consciousness easier to access.
It is also able to move out energetic plagues , implants and parasites and eliminates mental coercions and compulsions.
Cryolite promotes contact with your higher self and your soul, aligns you with your spiritual truth and. It stimulates you to live from the heart. With this crystal you can overcome indecision because it frees you from limited ways of thinking, old believe systems and emotional conditions. It helps you to discover where you want your life to go, and what is the best and shortest route to get there.