Citrine Skull
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Citrine Skull

You are looking at a Citrine Skull, carved by hand in Brazil. It has a very strong yellow color, and although it may look like heat treated Amethyst, it is not.
His energy is strong, direct and a little bit cheeky but still sweet. It says he loves animals and nature. A good skull to meditate with, and to have company during your spiritual evolution.


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Additional Information

Size: 5 cm high x 4,2 cm wide x 7 cm deep
Weight: 230 grams

Citrine is a stone type that cleanses the energy transforms it and sends it back to you. It has the power of our sun, and it gives warmth. It is said that it is one of the stones that doesn’t need cleansing because it cleanses its self. It protects the aura, has the ability to clean up the chakra’s especially the solar plexus.
Citrine brings abundance and it teaches you how to share but to keep your own wealth in balance is well. It also increases self respect, self-confidence and neutralizes destructive patterns.
It strengthens concentration and teaches how to look forward instead of backwards. It calms the inner soul to bring up wisdom. On the emotional level it brings life joy.