Large Citrine Skull
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Large Citrine Skull

This is just an amazing top quality Citrine Skull, carved by hand in Brazil. It has such a lovely golden shine, it is crystal clear, you can look through it. It has a wonderful milky phantom in the middle, which looks a bit like a milky way in the galaxy. The carving is exquisite and it weighs almost 2 kilograms.
And then off course, there is the energetic part. Which is just as lovely as this skulls is physically. It has a wonderful aura around him, that just radiates a mixture of divine colors and energy. When I held it to describe its energy my aura was infused with golden rays or liquid golden energy. Wonderful. This skull has a lot of healing abilities and I feel a special task as well. One thing it mentioned was it would like to travel and go places. And how great would that be? To travel around the globe with this lovely being, seeing places and maybe get to work together in an ancient village or on the top of a mountain? One thing is for sure, this Citrine Skull is definitely a one of a kind master piece and a Master itself.

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Additional Information

Size: 10 cm high x 9 cm wide x 13,5 cm deep
Weight: 1869 grams

Citrine is a stone type that cleanses the energy transforms it and sends it back to you. It has the power of our sun, and it gives warmth. It is said that it is one of the stones that doesn’t need cleansing because it cleanses its self. It protects the aura, has the ability to clean up the chakra’s especially the solar plexus.
Citrine brings abundance and it teaches you how to share but to keep your own wealth in balance is well. It also increases self respect, self-confidence and neutralizes destructive patterns.
It strengthens concentration and teaches how to look forward instead of backwards. It calms the inner soul to bring up wisdom. On the emotional level it brings joy and life spirit.