Rare Chrysocolla Skull
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Rare Chrysocolla Skull

This is the best Chrysocolla Skull you will see in a long time. This wonderful being has been carved with exquisite eye for detail by one of the best carvers in the world. Besides it realistic carving, it has the most lovely colored patterns. Made from a high quality Arizona Chrysocolla, it has a deep blue front that has been decorated with turquoise colored lines. And it looks like of those lines has formed the shape of a heart in one of its eyes. The backside of its head is colored brown, which gives it a strong contrast and adds that extra special to it.
The energy this skull carries is sublime. It opens the heart chakra with ease, and shares a joyful and nurturing energy. Which makes you feel calm, loved and safe. Just a wonderful skull in all of its forms.


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Additional Information

Size: 2,5 cm high x 2 cm wide x 3 cm deep
Weight: 18,2 grams

Chrysocolla is peaceful and supporting stone that helps during meditations and communication. Inside houses it removes negative energies. With its serenity it can help to accept constant changes, and to activate inner strength. It is very useful in relationships that have became rigid, by heal and stabilizing the energy inside the house, as well on a personal level.
Chrysocolla calms and cleanses all chakra's, gives them new energy and align them with the divine.
Placed on the solar plexus it removes negative energies like guilt and destructive emotional programming. On the heart chakra it heals heartaches and improves the ability to love.
On the throat it helps communication, but also tells you when not to speak.
Psychologically it encourages to be self aware and keep inner balance. It improves personal strengths and inspires to be creative. By fighting against phobias it ends negativism and brings motivation when needed.
It decreases mental tensions and promotes impartiality and speaking the truth. It relieves feelings of guilt and brings joy.