Brandberg Smoky Quartz
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Brandberg Smoky Quartz

This is a wonderful Brandberg Smoky Quartz Enhydro crystal with Amethyst phantoms, found in the mines of Brandberg Namibia. It has one water bubble included in the tip of the crystal, this bubble has the opportunity to move around different air hole chambers, this is why it is called and Enhydro crystal. The purple phantoms within the smoky crystal give a wonderful deep contrast.
Energetically this crystal is just as wonderful as its physical appearance. It is able to connect with yourself on deeper levels.
During the mining process this crystal has been damaged, mostly visible on one of the sides of the top. This however does not spoil any fun of this natural wonder.


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Additional Information

Size: 6 cm high x 3,5 cm wide x 3 cm deep
Weight: 76,4 grams

Brandberg crystal are a true Skulls & Stones favorite. They are so versatile, it is to much to right down, but to give you a clue, here is some more information about them. They have a high vibration and they are a good stone for spiritual alchemy. Brandberg crystals connect you whit the white flame of a pure consciousness and endless compassion. On a spriritual level it is very effective on different levels because it connects you with multi dimensions. It helps you look inside yourself, or to clime op the ladder of vibrations to enter other dimensions. It helps you to create an objective point of view. It removes negative energy and replaces it with light. It also assists you with light when you are heading for darker places in transforming periods. Placed on the soma- soul star or star gate chakra’s it will bring you in tune with your spiritual identity, and brings true self reflection and activates your consciousness. Placed on the hearth seed chakra (below the hearth at the height of the sternum) it brings you in the state between two lives, to recognize your plans for this life. They are very versatile because they al carry the resonance of clear quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst vibrations. When you find your Brandberg crystal you will know, but it could be that you will need several because each has its own task itself. One can be tuned in on the healing of the Earth, the other will be more tuned on healing of your soul or karma.Brandberg Amethyst is an excellent stone for heart issues because it carries you into the transforming violet flame of unconditional love en the divine in the centre of the universe. When you bathe in this love it brings deep healing . Heartaches from past lives, or imperatives for soul mates will be resolved by this stone. You can work with this stone to create an inner marriage with you male and female side.