Medium Boji Stones
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Medium Boji Stones

Great set of Boji Stones. The rougher looking stone is the male, and the smoother one will be the female. Together they will ground your energies, reconnect you with your physical body, balance your inner male and female sides, and reduces stress in difficult times. The most effective grounding stones on Earth, and everyone who works with energies, or is sensitive should own one pair. These come with a certificate of origin.


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Additional Information

Sizes around: 2,5 cm long x 2 cm wide x 1,5 cm thick
Weight: 41 grams as a pair

Boji Stones are one off the most effective grounding stones. They will help you to get back into your body again and into the present time. They can be really usefull for people who find it difficult to get hold on their incarnation. They also bring protection and restore holes in the aura and can help you to clear energetic blockages.
We only provide male and female sets. The more smooth looking stones represents the female side, and the rougher looking stones are the males. Together they restore the inner balance and the male and female energy. They bring up blocked emotions and heal painful memories. Boji Stones can help you stabilize your emotions, but do point out to take actions towards what is necessary first. Mentally they focus your attention on mental imprints.
We only sell the real ones and every pair includes an certificate of origin from Boji Inc.