Blue Chalcedony Skulls

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  • Blue Chalcedony Skull

    Blue Chalcedony Skull

    You are looking at a truly magnificent Blue Chalcedony Skull, in an incredible carving style. This large Blue Chalcedony Skull has a wonderful mixture of white and blue colors, with the darkest part situated at the top of the skull, looking almost lavender. Really stunning. It has been carved with a great eye for detail and perfection, and even the nostrils are holed out. It also has some small geodes on the backside, with tiny crystal inside.
    The energy of this skulls is just as wonderful as its physical appearance. Blue Chalcedony is tender, soothing and nurturing, while the skull itself can be a great teacher and help when you need to move forward in your life.
    It has an hypnotic and slightly angry look, but when concentrating on the energy and being, you will feel that there is much more love and kindness behind that first impression.


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  • Blue Chalcedony Skull

    Blue Chalcedony Skull

    You are looking at a sweet Blue Chalcedony Skull, carved by an American artist, from a high quality Chalcedony. It even looks like a mixture of white and blue chalcedony. This skull has been living with me personally for a while and he sends out a really calm energy. When placing him somewhere on your stomach you will be treated with a storm of calming blue energies. A sweet and calm being, that deserves a great place to stay.


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