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Here is a small Bixbite crystal from Utah USA. A rare mineral, that is found only in small quantities and small sizes. This lovely piece has some white rock leftovers attached here and there, and a small damage on the top side from the mining process. Nonetheless, it is a wonderful piece. Lovely intense color, and a wonderful energy that reconnects you with your Heart. Which can be very helpful after a busy day, or when losing touch with your energetic system. It warms the Heart, and creates a field of love around you.

€ 45,00

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Additional Information

Weight: 0,25 grams
Size: 0,5 cm high x 0,5 cm wide x 0,5 cm deep

Bixbite, a rare form of Beryl, with an intens red to magenta color, that is found in Utah USA only. It is found in very small quantities, and that makes it a rare crystal. Most of the crystals are very small, and the larger the crystal, the more expensive it gets.
Bixbite is a strong, creative crystal that strengthens courage, passion and willpower without selfishness. It encourages to have more respect towards others. It stimulates the basechakra’s, connects the Heart with and earths you in loving compassion. It resolves karmic conflicts and heals old wounds.
It promotes self-healing and cell-reparation, increases the stamina, endurance and vitality.