Large Aquamarine Skull
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Large Aquamarine Skull

Here is something you will not see every day, a large Aquamarine Skull, carved in Brazil by a famous carver. The carving style is really great, and combined with the type of stone it has magnificent ancient look as well. It is a very mysterious but also a loving and energetically strong skull. He really attracts your attention, almost like he demands recognition. Nonetheless, when you are focused on him the fun really begins. Because he may look though, he is pure love and pure consciousness.
It has a strong connection with our planet Mother Earth, and would like to help raise the vibrations on our planet. He also has many intelligence about sacred geometry.

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Additional Information

Size: 8 cm High x 7,5 cm Wide x 10 cm Long
Weight: 856 grams

The calming energies from Aquamarine reduce stress. Aquamarine harmonizes its environment and protects against pollutions. Psychologically it has an affinity with sensitive persons. It has the ability to make others more tolerant and helps against the tendency to judge. It supports those who are suffering from too many responsibilities and encourages people to take their responsibilities for themselves.
Aquamarine calms the mind, by blocking and removing thoughts sent from outside of you. It filters information that would like to enter the mind., supports clear observation, sharpens the intellect, and reduces confusion.
With the ability to end unfinished businesses and unfinished tasks Aquamarine is a great type of stone for completion on all levels.
On a spiritual level Aquamarine sharpens the intuition and clairvoyance. This crystal is great to use during meditations, it promotes a higher form of consciousness and encourages servitude to humankind.
It protects the aura, aligns all chakra’s, clears the throat chakra and awakes communication from a higher level. Harmonizes the physical and energetic bodies.