Aquamarine Skulls

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  • Large Aquamarine Skull

    Large Aquamarine Skull

    Here is something you will not see every day, a large Aquamarine Skull, carved in Brazil by a famous carver. The carving style is really great, and combined with the type of stone it has magnificent ancient look as well. It is a very mysterious but also a loving and energetically strong skull. He really attracts your attention, almost like he demands recognition. Nonetheless, when you are focused on him the fun really begins. Because he may look though, he is pure love and pure consciousness.
    It has a strong connection with our planet Mother Earth, and would like to help raise the vibrations on our planet. He also has many intelligence about sacred geometry.

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  • Aquamarine Skull

    Aquamarine Skull

    Here is a brand new high quality Aquamarine Skull, that has been carved in Brazil by a well-known and respectable carver. Aquamarine Skulls are not that easy to obtain, and this particular one is lovely.  She has a lovely refreshing blue color, with some slight yellow accents and a dark black line through the surface. Her energy is refreshing, like being showered by the sea. It gave me tree words to write down for you: Purify, love and rectify. Cleansing energies, cleansing the heart and align you with your true self again. A remarkable skull with a both physical and energetic great presence.


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