Light Amethyst
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Light Amethyst

You are looking at such a neat Amethyst crystal. Well it is actually a Quartz crystal with Amethyst and Smoky phantoms. Great energy comes from this crystal! It opens the Higher Heart Chakra and all Chakra’down the Sacral Chakra. And its colors are lovely and delicate. Wonderful lavender purple colors and a few nice rainbows inside as well. This will be a great crystal for any altar.

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Additional Information

Size: 8,5 cm high x 2 cm wide x 1 cm deep
Weight: 38,6 grams

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone type, with a high spiritual vibration. It protects and transforms energy into love. It blocks geopathic stress and negative energies. Amethyst has healing powers and provides clearance and spiritual consciousness. It calms or stimulates the mind, when meditating with it bends the thoughts from the outer world to the inner world, which provides inner calm and deeper inner views.
Amethyst contributes to making better decisions, promotes common sense and spiritual insights. It eliminates anger, fears and worries. It brings higher and lower frequencies together and by easing sadness and sorrows it helps to process different kind of losses. Amethyst promotes divine love and unselfishness.