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Great Ametrine crystal from Bolivia with nice rainbows inside. I consider it a gift from Mother Earth to see these minerals together in one crystal. This crystal reduces stress swiftly, and activates the base chakra as well. Great crystal that will fit on any altar.


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Additional Information

Size: 6,7 cm high x 3,2 cm wide x 1,9 cm deep
Weight: 82,4 grams

Ametrine is a wonderful, strong combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It works swiftly and efficient. It comes to use during long-term and chronic diseases, because it shows the cause of discomforts. It connects the physical area with higher consciousness. This stone brings protection during astral travels and enlightens psychic attacks. It reduces stress, and tensions. Calms the mind and increases focus on meditations. It opens the third eye, stimulates healing and unites the male and female energies. Mentally it increases the ability to adjust to others. It helps to outgrow judgments. It enhances creativity and concentration. It helps to think things through and presents creative solutions.
It ends emotional blockage and also negative emotional programs and expectations. It shows the cause of emotional miseries and makes optimistic. Great crystal for transformation.