Amethyst Phantom
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Amethyst Phantom

You are looking at a beautiful polished Quartz from Brazil, with very dark Smoky phantoms, and purple Amethyst phantoms. A delight for the eye, the heart and the mind. It grounds, activates and cleanses the heart, and will be a great companion when on a mission for past life healing. Pure love, pure joy.

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Weight: 45,4 grams
Size: 4,3 cm high x 3 cm wide x 2,3 cm deep

A Phantom symbolizes the many lives of the soul. It makes it possible to get a more wider spiritual consciousness. It takes you on a multidimensional and inner travel and reveals your spiritual heart. Karmic it can help you to access the Akashic Records. It makes it possible to visit the state between two lives to discover your soul plan for this current life.
Phantom Quartz also makes you embraces you with your shadow side again to reveal the qualities it beholds. Physically it helps the healing capabilities of the body by improving the ethereal blueprint.
Amethyst phantoms facilitate access to the state of pre-birth. It helps to evaluate the progress on this current life, and the lessons the soul has to learn. It brings multidimensional cellular healing and is beneficial to learn about discomforts and mental illnesses.
Smoky phantoms activates the past life chakra, and helps to frame traumatic memories. It takes you back to your spirit group, and connects you with the goal of the incarnations of the group. It helps to connect you with spirits and people from the same spirit group to achieve your karmic and spiritual task, and teaches you that not every experience can be judged from the earthly point of view.
When negative energies mingled in between the group, smoky phantoms traces it, and sends it back. It brings back harmony.