Saint Bernard
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Saint Bernard

One working day when I was still working to launch this webshop, I got the feeling that it was time to hunt for some new stones. And somewhat gave me the feeling that I sould try a new supplier in the Netherlands. I looked it up on the internet, got the adres and hopped in my car. A 2,5 hour drive led me up to find this great Amethyst Skull. We connected right away! First second I saw him I began to smile and said: Here you are! So I took it home. Asking his name, he replied: Saint Bernard.
During the time he stayed in my house, I got many healings from him and mostly it reflected to me what was happening inside my mind and energetic system. It gave me a lot of Love with its easing and comforting healing vibrations. It also took place in some group meditations I have given between December 2013 and may 2015. These meditation sessions where intended to help Mother Earth raise her vibrations and to sent Love to all beings living on this planet. People where always very happy with its presence.
After redecorating my house, the Skull told me it was time to travel on, and share its knowledge at other places. And his wish is for me to grant, so here he is! An amazing 1,5 kilo Amethyst Skull. Great carving, and an very peaceful yet strong vibration. Stunning Skull!


€ 555,00

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Additional Information

Size: 10 cm high x 12 cm wide x 8 cm deep
Weight: 1400 grams

Amethyst is a very powerful and protective stone type, with a high spiritual vibration. It protects and transforms energy into love. It blocks geopathic stress and negative energies. Amethyst has healing powers and provides clearance and spiritual consciousness. It calms or stimulates the mind, when meditating with it bends the thoughts from the outer world to the inner world, which provides inner calm and deeper inner views.
Amethyst contributes to making better decisions, promotes common sense and spiritual insights. It eliminates anger, fears and worries. It brings higher and lower frequencies together and by easing sadness and sorrows it helps to process different kind of losses. Amethyst promotes divine love and unselfishness.