Amethyst Skull
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Amethyst Skull

This is a wonderful Amethyst Skull, carved by Leandro, probably the most famous carver around. Carved from a great quality Amethyst that has a lovely purple color and both phantoms and rainbows included.
Its energy is strong and powerful, and also gentle. This skull is great if you would like to connect more with the body and heart, but also to expend awareness and gather more spiritual knowledge.


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Additional Information

Size: 4 cm High x 3,3 cm Wide x 5,4 cm Long
Weight: 103 grams

Amethyst is powerful and protective crystal, with a spiritual vibration. It protects against psychic attacks and transforms energies into love. It is natural calming crystal that negative energies around. Its serenity helps with meditation and achieving higher forms of consciousness. It has healing and cleansing abilities and promote spiritual awareness.
Amethyst calms the mind. When meditating with it, it bends the vision from the outside world back inwards. Mentally it brings more concentration and a better control of your skills. It promotes assimilation of new ideas and connects cause and effect.
This crystal improves the decision-making process, promotes common sense and helps to set goals into action. Amethyst calms the mind and therefore is useful with insomnia created by a hyperactive mind and brain. It also protects against recurring nightmares. It stimulates the memories and improves motivation so it is easier to set realistic goals.
It brings high and low back into balance, expels anger, fear, anxiety and by helps to process losses by enlightening sadness and sorrow.
Spiritually Amethyst promotes love for the divine and promotes altruism and spiritual wisdom. It opens the intuition and increases spiritual gifts. Using Amethyst during your sleep will allow you to have more intuitive dreams. It transforms lower energies into higher frequencies.