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  • Large Citrine Skull

    Large Citrine Skull

    This is just an amazing top quality Citrine Skull, carved by hand in Brazil. It has such a lovely golden shine, it is crystal clear, you can look through it. It has a wonderful milky phantom in the middle, which looks a bit like a milky way in the galaxy. The carving is exquisite and it weighs almost 2 kilograms.
    And then off course, there is the energetic part. Which is just as lovely as this skulls is physically. It has a wonderful aura around him, that just radiates a mixture of divine colors and energy. When I held it to describe its energy my aura was infused with golden rays or liquid golden energy. Wonderful. This skull has a lot of healing abilities and I feel a special task as well. One thing it mentioned was it would like to travel and go places. And how great would that be? To travel around the globe with this lovely being, seeing places and maybe get to work together in an ancient village or on the top of a mountain? One thing is for sure, this Citrine Skull is definitely a one of a kind master piece and a Master itself.

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  • Large Aquamarine Skull

    Large Aquamarine Skull

    Here is something you will not see every day, a large Aquamarine Skull, carved in Brazil by a famous carver. The carving style is really great, and combined with the type of stone it has magnificent ancient look as well. It is a very mysterious but also a loving and energetically strong skull. He really attracts your attention, almost like he demands recognition. Nonetheless, when you are focused on him the fun really begins. Because he may look though, he is pure love and pure consciousness.
    It has a strong connection with our planet Mother Earth, and would like to help raise the vibrations on our planet. He also has many intelligence about sacred geometry.

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  • Tugtupite Skull

    Tugtupite Skull

    You are looking at something very special, because this lovely Tugtupite Skull is the only one known in the world right now. It is custom made on request of Skulls & Stones, I have sent out a rough piece of Tugtupite to a carver in Bali, Indonesia, who is very talented. Within the pictures you can see the rough piece of Tugtupite it used to be, before being carved into a beautiful skull. As you can see it is carved by a true master, because of its lifelike details. The teeth look amazing, and to consider this is a small skull, you can see it is done by someone who heart and pure talent and is able to carve in such detail. The eyes are stunningly done and the jawbones look very cool as well.
    The skull itself is very sweet, when you look at it sends out so much unconditional love and tender vibrations. It is like it has multiplied the vibrations of the stone. The skull told me that it is very curious about where it will be going and that it looks forward to meet people. It also showed me a silver-blue pyramid, and it told me that it has everything to do the energy that needs to be spread out into our world, and that it will also share knowledge about pyramids with its new keeper.

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  • Rare Tugtupite Skull

    Rare Tugtupite Skull

    This amazing Tugtupite Skull has been carved exclusively for Skulls & Stones.
    Since this mineral is so incredibly rare, nobody who finds this mineral wants to carve into a skull, because a lot of the stone will be going to waste.
    That is why there are only 4 Tugtupite Skulls in the world, including this great looking fellow. All of them have been created by Skulls & Stones.
    About the skull, it is filled with Galena and other Iron or Hematite like inclusions. It has been carved from a rough piece of Tugtupite from 130 grams. Carved by a talented carver from Bali, who has an exquisite eye and hand for detail. Just have a look at the nose or the teeth of this skull.
    There is a lot of Tugtupite within this skull, which is the pink material. It is deep colored and almost Ruby red. Flowing through the stone and mixed with all other nice minerals.
    His energy is lovely, tender but very grounding because of the Iron minerals. He works on the Heart and helps to anchor Love within you and the world. He is wise and direct, and ready to work I feel. He tells me he doesn’t like to work within groups, but more on a personal level.

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  • Large Rubellite Skull

    Large Rubellite Skull

    Now this is an amazing Rubellite Skull, I call him “Purple Flame”. Its colors are fantastic, its look is fantastic and its energy is fantastic.
    It is carved in Brazil, by the carver called Wilson. There is a very large amount of purple colored Rubellite Tourmaline included in the stone that has been used to create this wonderful being. As you can see the skull is almost purple on one side, and on the other you can see small purple (and also green) dots. Which are actually pieces of Tourmaline that are included in the stone and finding their way to the outside on that side of the stone.
    This wonderful skull, which I have given its temporary name “Purple Flame”, is a real healer and heart cleanser. The purple colors, and energy concentrate on the Heart Chakra. Making it feel stable and strong. Its purpose in his own words are: Touching humans Hearts and help them overcome their heartaches that have been build up in this life. Helping them trust their selves and their Hearts again.
    This amazing skull weighs almost 2 kilograms, and is one of the coolest skulls I have seen in my shop so far! A wonderful being, and you will love its energy and presence for sure! More pictures available.

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  • Nuummite Skull XL

    Nuummite Skull XL

    Wow. No other words to describe the impact of this Nuummite King, ineed a King. That is how I like to call this amazing extra large Nuummite Skull, which is carved from a very high quality Nuummite. The so called flashes which Nuummite has, are spread all trough this skulls head, even more than the pictures will show. This bad boy weighs over 1 kilogram.
    This skull can be a friend that helps you transform your emotional issues, by pointing them out and confront you with them. Besides that this King is a great skull to meditate with. Like all the other extre large Nuummite Skulls I have in stock it shows a strong connection with the Viking age, ancient times and ancient nature.
    A Nuummite Skull this big is something you will not see on a daily base. Nuummite Skulls are quite rare, especially in these sizes.

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  • Rare Gibeon Skull

    Rare Gibeon Skull

    What you are looking at is a striking and very rare Gibeon Meteorite Skull. Carved with lifelike details by a true master carver. The details in this skull are truly amazing, and the eyes have a hypnotizing look, which are caused by the Widmanstätten patterns on this skull.
    Widmanstätten patterns are geometric patterns, which are caused by the slow cooling process of the meteorite while traveling through space, and can reveal sacred geometric patterns.
    Needless to say that this skull has a strong cosmic connection. It is powerful yet subtle. It can energetically take you into space without losing touch with your body our the Earth.
    This rare Gibeon skull also show traces of other minerals, including carbon.
    An amazing skull, greatly carved with extreme precision. Amazing to look at, and also amazing to experience its energy.
    The main ingredient of Gibeon is Iron and Nickel. Therefore there is always a chance these great skulls can start to oxidize. Don’t treat with water, and try to keep away from moisture. Some parts have some traces of oxidation, which gives it a great antique effect.

    € 2.500,00

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  • Large Emerald Skull

    Large Emerald Skull

    This is a magnificent and large Emerald Skull, carved by hand in Brazil from a wonderful minty green Emerald with some black accents.
    This large fellow weighs over 2 kilograms and will bright up the room for sure. Not only making a powerful impact at the first encounter, this bad boy tends to be a very strong and mysterious being. Its whole presence is inviting to take a dive deep into its energy to experience the unknown, instead of the known, refresh yourself and come back a stronger and renewed person. A knowledgeable and challenging skull to place on your altar and which you can receive long-lasting benefits from.


    € 1.450,00

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  • XL Golden Healer Skull

    XL Golden Healer Skull

    Looking for a skull that will amaze you and everyone else? Stop your search right here. This is mesmerizing Golden Healer Skull, carved by hand in Brazil, from a high quality layered piece of Golden Healer Quartz. It weighs over 3 kilograms, and is deserves the label XL.
    A very big skull that isn’t planning to stop shining. Pure love, higher knowledge, patience, strength, peace of mind, perseverance, self-confidence are just a few words that this magnificent being brings to mind when taking a first glimpse.
    This being will be great to use during your journey of transformation as it will replace the old with the new. It will light and bright up your room, but can also be used in a (yoga) studio or in groups.
    Quite rare and especially in this large size.


    € 2.222,00

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  • XL Shiva Lingam Skull

    XL Shiva Lingam Skull

    If you like rare or different kind of the skulls, this could be your kind of skull. A great, very large, Shiva Lingam Skull, carved by hand in Brazil by the famous carver Wilson and weighing over 3 kilograms.
    Shiva Lingam Skulls aren’t very common, and this is probably the best ones out there. It has a lovely beige and grey color with a large dark brown part on the top of the head. The skull itself is just as mysterious as Shiva Lingam itself. It is almost like this being is acting like a mirror to get to know yourself on a deeper level.
    During its journey towards the Skulls & Stones headquarter its nose got injured, and two small piece of its nose got chipped of. After some tender care, its nose got partially repaired with a bit of glue, leaving just a little cosmetic imperfection. Tough you can still see its scar it won’t spoil any fun, or will come in the way of its energetic abilities. But the price has been lowered because of aesthetic reasons.


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  • Rare Sugilite Skull

    Rare Sugilite Skull

    Now you are looking at of the best Sugilite Skull you will encounter today. This wonderful Sugilite Skull has been carved from a high quality piece of Sugilite from South Africa.
    The different colors on this highly detailed skull are amazing. It shows dark, almost neon, purple lines over a lilac and subtle grey surface. However, at the first glimpse it looks purple with lilac all over. The colors are even better in person. Carved by one of the best carvers in the world, this skull is carved in lifelike detail, showing very detailed teeth, jaws and eyebrows.
    The energy is just as amazing as its physical appearance, very powerful. It almost feels like it neon purple energies are exploding inside the aura. This rare and delicate skull will light up your altar for sure. Rare skull!


    € 999,00

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  • Rose Quartz Skull

    Rose Quartz Skull

    This magnificent large Rose Quartz Skull is truly mesmerizing and really impressive. Carved in a unique style, from a huge piece of Rose Quartz, by a little known Brazilian carver called Vinicius Pitico. The brown colored Hematite inclusion gives this skull an extra dimension to its look.
    This wonderful skull also shares a wonderful energy, warm, loving, caring. This big boy is just pure love and wisdom that is easy going, and just happy to be around. This skull likes a spot where it can be seen and spread its loving energies all around.


    € 775,00

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  • Amethyst Cluster

    Amethyst Cluster

    Your are looking at a top quality Amethyst cluster from Uruguay. This pretty large Amethyst cluster is just astonishing, it is made from hundreds dark violet colored crystals, that are fully formed, and have a nice shiny luster. Some of the individual crystals have rainbow inclusions, most crystals have wonderful natural etchings, and some of the crystals are twins. The natural etchings look like small damages, but they aren’t. They are a wonder of nature and each individual etching has a story to tell and behold information.
    The color is amazing, the cluster itself looks dark purple, but the crystals are actually lighter than the eye will see. It is because of its mass that the cluster looks darker. The cluster is formed around a dark green Agate base.
    This crystal is not only lovely to look at, but the energy it shares is a delight as well. It is very soothing, relaxing and also warm at the heart. This crystal will look nice at every home, and will attract everyone’s eye and heart for sure. Some small nicks on some crystal due to mining and transportation, but even barely visible. A unique crystal in a form and quality you will not see again soon.

    € 850,00

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  • Blue Chalcedony Skull

    Blue Chalcedony Skull

    You are looking at a truly magnificent Blue Chalcedony Skull, in an incredible carving style. This large Blue Chalcedony Skull has a wonderful mixture of white and blue colors, with the darkest part situated at the top of the skull, looking almost lavender. Really stunning. It has been carved with a great eye for detail and perfection, and even the nostrils are holed out. It also has some small geodes on the backside, with tiny crystal inside.
    The energy of this skulls is just as wonderful as its physical appearance. Blue Chalcedony is tender, soothing and nurturing, while the skull itself can be a great teacher and help when you need to move forward in your life.
    It has an hypnotic and slightly angry look, but when concentrating on the energy and being, you will feel that there is much more love and kindness behind that first impression.


    € 1.000,00

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  • Natasha


    Please let me introduce to you, Natahsa, a high quality Smoky Quartz skull, that has been in my personal collection or a few years.
    She represents unconditional Love, and is strongly connected with the Flower of Life, and I believe she represents the centre Heart of the Flower of Life.
    As said she has been part of my personal collection for years. Which was never my intention when I bought her, because my intention was to pass her on trough my shop right away.
    Within the years she stayed here, we have bonded strongly and did a lot of work together. Mostly during meditations that I have been giving between December 2013 and May 2015 in order to raise the vibrations of Mother Earth and world peace.
    She has thought me many lessons, and most of them where about how to love myself unconditionally. Because she is so strongly connected with the Flower of Life, she is always sending out delicate vibrations and the codes of the Flower of Life, not matter where she or whoever is around her. That is just what she does. And I have enjoyed my time with her a lot, and also working with her in meditations and healing sessions. She is a true healer that is just full of unconditional Love. The last year we started to connect less and less with each other, until one day she told me it was time for her to move on. And her wish is mine to grant.

    She is a 2 kilo Smoky Quartz skull, created from an outstanding quality. Almost clear, and carries a lot of rainbows inside her. The carving is precise, and from high quality.
    She has been carved by a famous Brazilian carver. She represents unconditional Love from the Flower of Life. She is really sweet, and does not only help to planet on humanity but also her keeper will be drowned be her sweet vibrations when holding her.

    € 1.555,00

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  • Nuummite Skull XL

    Nuummite Skull XL

    Here is a real Nuummite King. An extra large Nuummite Skull, created from high quality Nuummite. That highly wanted mineral from Greenland. Nuummite Skulls are quite rare, and especially when it comes to king-sized ones. This wonderful being weighs almost 1 kilogram. It has typical flashes included, mostly on the crown of the head, even more than shown on the pictures. The jaw shows a sort of flaw, which probably occurred during the carving process. But in the skulls own words: who cares?
    This skulls energy is strong and friendly. But when meditating with it less friendly, it shows strength and takes you right where you need to go to pick up energies and memories. It showed me splashing waves, rough large mountains and strong Viking men going into battle. Besides that it can point out emotional levels that asks your attention and healing efforts. A great skull, and in this size you will not see them that often!

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  • Rare Sugilite Skull

    Rare Sugilite Skull

    Here is an amazing, and very rare Sugilite Skull, carved in lifelike detail in a grey and neon purple color. This great skull is carved by hand by in Bali by a true master carver. The teeth for instance are so lifelike, amazing.
    This skull also has a great energy, strong, powerful and heartwarming. If you would place this skull in a circle of skulls or crystals, it will probably create an energetic explosion of love and pureness. Removing all negative energies around.
    This is a great and rare skull, carved out of high quality Sugilite from South Africa. Just stunning.


    € 750,00

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  • Aquamarine Skull

    Aquamarine Skull

    Here is a brand new high quality Aquamarine Skull, that has been carved in Brazil by a well-known and respectable carver. Aquamarine Skulls are not that easy to obtain, and this particular one is lovely.  She has a lovely refreshing blue color, with some slight yellow accents and a dark black line through the surface. Her energy is refreshing, like being showered by the sea. It gave me tree words to write down for you: Purify, love and rectify. Cleansing energies, cleansing the heart and align you with your true self again. A remarkable skull with a both physical and energetic great presence.


    € 699,00

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  • Elestial Traveler Skull

    Elestial Traveler Skull

    WOW! This skull is a-ma-zing. A traveler skull, made from Smoky Elestial Quartz, created by the one and only Leandro, and it is actually one of the first traveler skulls he has created!
    I am selling this for a friend, who has been its keeper for around 6 years, and they are now ready to part from each other.
    This skull, that is being called Adjien for now, is made from an exceptional high quality Elestial Quartz. You can some Lodolite inclusions within a Citrine like colored Quartz on the front of its face, which then fades into a pure A grade quality Smoky Quartz. It has a notch on one of its sides, that is typical for Elestial Quartz, and could be considered as a form of code. Also it has a Shamans eye carved on the bottom side.
    He may look a bit scary and that is mostly because of the inclusions on the front side. The skull itself is very intelligent. And being a traveler skull, it will take you anywhere within the Universe, almost to the beginning of time, and the physical “end”. Amazing how swiftly he is working, and how fast you can travel with him. He is funny as well, and knows when to step in to get the action going. An intense skull, that should only be used for those that know how to handle these fast travels, and that know how to get back into their physical body again. More pictures available on request.

    € 1.444,00

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  • Nuummite Skull XL

    Nuummite Skull XL

    Nuummite King. That is how would like to describe this extra large Nuummite Skull. A Nuummite Skull this big will not show up on your doorstep that often, because they are quite rare. And I feel really blessed to offer it here in my shop.
    This particular King is made from high quality Nuummite, and is filled with golden colored flashes that are spread all over the skull even more than shown on the pictures, and it weighs almost 1 kilogram.
    It is a very friendly and calm being, but one the other hand it is very strong and can bring deep inner healing, and emotional coaching and support.
    Besides that this lovely strong being will be a good companion during energetic time traveling sessions or meditations. Its energy can take you back into the times where Vikings ruled. Show you how you have been a King yourself, and how to life like a King today. A wonderful skull, with a very cool carving style, and is really unique.

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  • Blue Apatite Skull

    Blue Apatite Skull

    You are looking at a great Blue Apatite Skull, carved by the famous Brazilian carver mr. Wilson. It has a very bright and deep blue color, with some contrasting brown calcite accents here and there. Wonderful! It energy is very refreshing, and cleansing. Holding him gave me the feeling that my aura got cleansed right away, and expanded, so I could experience my own space and find my personal centre within. A wonderful bright blue skull, that weighs 1,5 kilo.

    € 700,00

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  • Rare Turquoise Skull

    Rare Turquoise Skull

    This is probably the best Turquoise Skull you will encounter today. Made from stabilized Arizona Turquoise and carved with the most lifelike details, for instance the teeth have been created with most exquisite eye for detail. Turquoise skulls are rarely seen, and this particular skull is really one of the best, and quite large as well. The two colors make a nice contrast and the turquoise has a wonderful webbing, creating a natural painting.
    Besides its physical appearance it also has a wonderful energy. Calming and also empowering in self confidence. This skull will be a great addition to your altar, and can help with personal growth. Rare skull!

    € 1.250,00

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  • Rare Gibeon Skull

    Rare Gibeon Skull

    This highly detailed and lifelike Gibeon Skull is truly unique and amazing!
    First let me introduce you to the story of this specific Gibeon Skull. Artist Lee Downey has created a life size Skull form Gibeon, called Yorick. Which is the only one known to date. Now this skull you are looking at was created from a cut-off piece from the carving process of the larger Gibeon Skull.

    This Skull, which I have named Yorick Little, is truly unique and rare! The carving is phenomenal, very detailed and no flaws at all. The teeth are lifelike and the eyes are amazing.
    The energy from this skull really is universal. Personally I feel that this skull (or piece of Gibeon) is still connected with outer space materials, stars, meteorites etc. And it looks like it is still gathering information, and attracting the out of earthly energies. Really wonderful to experience.
    When holding it I experienced chakra’s aligning and a blanket of silver colored energy around my, or filling up my aura.
    The patterns and stripes you can see on the head are called Widmanstatten lines, patterns. They are becoming visible on meteorites that are rich in iron, after cutting and polishing it.
    I like these patterns, they are like secret and geometric codes.
    Colors can differ in real life a little bit because of the light used when photographing this Skull. If any other information or pictures are required, feel free to ask by sending a message.


    € 900,00

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  • Brown Turquoise Skull

    Brown Turquoise Skull

    You are looking at a Brown Turquoise Skull, carved from caramel to brown colored Turquoise from the famous Damale mine in Nevada. Brown Turquoise is a natural variety of Turquoise and is colored by the host rock surrounding the Turquoise over many years.
    This particular skull is carved with extreme precision to create the most amazing details. Because of the many details it gives the skull a bit of an evil look, but there is nothing evil about this wonderful and rare fellow. The energy is actually really tender, like its energy is gently stroking the aura to let you know you are safe and protected, so you can feel confident about opening up to the world some more.
    This skull has many colors blending in with each other, like a darker brown, caramel, yellow and touches of green. It is truly an astonishing skull, that is really one of a kind. It is really exclusive and there is only one made from this rare mineral. It will easily blend in with other crystal and skulls, especially those who have a strong grounding energy. Rare and wonderful skull!

    € 1.500,00

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  • Large Emerald Skull

    Large Emerald Skull

    Something rare that you will not see very often, an authentic Emerald Skull carved in Brazil by a famous master carver. The Skull itself is a master as well. He is very wise, can take you deep into the realms of cosmic and earthly knowledge. Besides that he can take you deep into yourself as well, to discover your own truth about your own existence. It is a large skull and weighs almost 1 kilo. It also has been part of an night out at the last red moon on september 27 2015.


    € 999,00

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  • Large Moldavite Skull

    Large Moldavite Skull

    This is an very large Moldavite Skull, considering the fact that to carve a skull in this size, you need a stone that is 2 or 3 times bigger than the skull itself. And finding a piece of Moldavite that is that large is getting harder and harder these days.
    The quality of the piece of Moldavite that has been used is amazing. Lovely dark green color and a very nice glassy shine on it.
    This being is very friendly in approach, but still very powerful. When I look at it, I get the impression that it is able to carry a lot of weight for its keeper or even for humankind. And it feels like it has a lot of wisdom to pass on. Universal wisdom off course. It also showed me a triangle shape, and how it feels to be in the middle of it. Weither it is Egyptian, or Universal, or focused on the deeper meaning of trinity, that is for its new keeper to find out. A wonderful skull being, and pretty “rare” considering it size. Wonderful quality! It has a few nicks, but that is from the carving process, probably when it hit a more fragile part of the stone. It even looks better in person than on the pictures. More pictures are av if needed.


    € 1.100,00

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  • Wildhorse Magnesite Skull

    Wildhorse Magnesite Skull

    You are looking at a very rare Wildhorse Magnesite Skull. Wildhorse Magnesite is a form of Magnesite that has Hematite included in it and is found in the Gila Wilderness area in southern Arizona. This mesmerizing skull has been carved by a well known master carver, and shows very realistic details. The teeth or eyebrowns for instance show lifelike details and it is just amazing.
    The energy is very calming and slightly grounding, and it gives the courage to receive the energy of ‘The All’ and makes you able to just be in tranquility. This is a very rare skull, and you will not see one again soon for sure!


    € 1.850,00

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  • Smoky Phantom Quartz

    Smoky Phantom Quartz

    Wow. That is the best word to describe the impact this huge piece of Smoky Phantom Quartz has when you look at it. The pictures don’t show the real life size that well. This is 2,3 kilo piece, filled with phantoms, rainbows and some Rutile on the surface as well. However what makes this an even more interesting crystal is the manifestation inside. A manifestation is another crystal that has grown into the other crystal. A manifestation Quartz can help you manifest those things you would like to realize. There are some really cool phantoms on the inside as well, as you can see on one of the pictures. This Smoky Quartz beholds many different codes and forms of knowledge to share. It could be that it only unlocks those codes when it arrives at the right place. Surely it can take part within group meditations, or personal mediations and mystic travels to other realms. It is a stunning piece for sure.

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