Obsidian Skulls

Obsidian is a powerful stone, made from molted lava. It has cooled down so fast that it hasn’t had any time to crystallize. Making it a stone without boundaries and limits, and therefore making it a very powerful stone to use.
The truth loving reflecting properties relentlessly reveal shortcomings, weaknesses and blockages. It shows how you can improve weak circumstances and stimulates your development.
It should be used with care, and when inexperienced with energies, usage under guidance is advised. It easily brings up negative emotions and unpleasant truths. It brings deep healing of the soul and facilitates access to past lives to heal emotions.
It creates a protective shield against negativism. It offers a grounding chord from the Base Chakra into the centre of the Earth. It offers help to sensitive persons, bounces off psychic attacks and removes negative spiritual influences.
Obsidian is very useful for spiritual therapeutics because it helps to access the cores of problems and also cleans up the released energies created when doing so.
Placed besides the bed or under the pillow it can end stress and tensions and have a calming effect. But it can also reveal the causes of these symptoms, that must be dealt with before there can be inner peace again.
It anchors the spirit into the body, enlightens tensions and helps spiritual development. It promotes exploring the unknown and new horizons.
Mentally Obsidian offers peace and clarity of the mind, and ends confusions and negative beliefs.
it shows you who you really are, and helps to integrate your shadow self and helps to recognize old behavioral patterns.

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