Isua Skulls

Isua is the oldest stone that has been discovered on Earth, just only in 1960 scientists discovered this stone, that is over 3.75 billion years old, 750 million years older than Nuummite. The rocks on the southwest coast of Greenland, who are known as the “greenstone rocks” or the “Isua Greenstone Belt”.
Isua is a combination of different minerals, volcanic rock, sediments and iron.
They contain valuable information about the state of our planet and life on Earth 3.8 billion years ago. It is even said that research of these rocks have shown that life could come from other worlds, for instance Mars, and that there are possibilities life came by transportations and such.
It is a very protective stone, and helps to anchor our souls deep into our physical bodies.
It creates a shield around you, to help reject negative energies. It gives energy to your body and re-balances it as well.
Besides that it can help you travel through time, or collect information about other periods. It is like this stone makes you travel invisible, just like Nuummite.
It can help you connect with the consciousness of your first Earthly incarnation, and helps to get access to the Akasha. It is a stone of truth and old wisdom. And it is said that it only has been discovered recently, because that the human race is just ready to receive and discover their energies.

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