Herkimmer midden shotWhat a pleasure to have found these beautiful Herkimer Crystals during a personal holiday.
Now I am very excited to offer them to you, so you can experience their unique way of working.

Herkimer Diamonds. You like them or you don’t. But why would not like them?
I have experienced the immense power of these crystals and it took me a while as well before getting comfortable with their energy. The thing is, they can clean your chakras with tremendous power.
Even when you don’t want things that are sitting in the dark to come up, the Herkimer will touch it so it can be cleansed or transformed.
And that is a reason for “not liking them”. Because of any resistance that gets in the way of personal spiritual growth.
The crystals Skulls & Stones is offering you are very clear and from a great quality. Some of them are really big. However the size does not matter in terms of energy. Picking a crystal is just about which crystal is speaking to you. Some of the crystals have penetrations of other crystals, and some of these are Citrine Herkimers.

Like I mentioned the energy can be heavy and you just know if you can bare it or not. Here are some benefits that Herkimmer Diamond or Herkimer Quartz can bring to you. First of all they relieve you from physical stress and they are great detoxifiers. Protecting you against radioactivity and electromagnetic pollution. It also can help one to sleep better.
They are also very good in stimulating memories from past lives were wounds and diseases have been gathered that are still are effective in this life. That is one of the reasons that this is such a strong crystal.

As all other crystals Herkimmer does not focus on just one thing. It is versatile. They can stimulate powers like telepathy. They can open chakras and making spiritual energy flow. Like mentioned before they can also be used to gather information about past lives and to recognize blockages and resistance to your own spiritual growth. Herkimers are useful in transformation and to free yourself again from inner pains and negative thoughts that are not useful or relevant in the present and activate the light body.

Just use them with care, and sometimes a few minutes of use will be enough to get done what is needed. One of the methods to use them is to hold them in front of a chakra (whether is the heart or the 3rd chakra, or your 3rd eye) and keep them there for a minute or two. Once you are connected with it and put it beside you, it will be working with you still but from a distance.

There are 10 pieces available in different sizes. Have a look at the Herkimer section here to check them out.