Leaves are turning yellow and brown, temperature is falling and the forests are smelling roughly with a mixture of leaves, sand, mud and conifers. This means the summer is gone, and that usually provides a time to turn deep into yourself and reflect, introspect and ground your roots again.

You are at the right place to found a helping hand with that. We have a few new stones that are excellent to ground your roots back deep into the earth. Because grounding is very important at this time when many cosmic gates have been opened and higher vibrations have been coming towards us to stir things up. The many amounts of light that has been coming towards us may have caused some mental or emotional confusions, because we have been cleaning up so many things in a very rapid pace together , whether it is personal karma or collective karma. Nonetheless it has been hard work.
But now is time to integrate, to connect ourselves with the higher energies and integrate them deep into ourselves, ground ourselves very firmly so we can spread the light and love here on earth and share with other beings who need our light and love for inspiration. And besides that is is just time for you here on earth.

Integrating high vibrations and stay in contact with earth beneath your feet can be difficult sometimes, especially after challenging times. So that is why Skulls & Stones has gathered some really powerful crystals and stones for that, and as always we took care of some good quality.
What is in stock? Well since our focus was to gather strong grounding stones we offer to you some very clear Smoky Quartz pieces as well as Boji Stones and Petrified Wood.

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz is a very effective stone when you need yourself back towards the ground. They ave the ability to cleanse the base chakra, to activate the earth chakra and its chord. Besides that they come in really handy during these times to release stress, old emotions and fears that could come up now we our planet is carrying a higher vibration then She used to carry. So it is nice to have a crystal like this to create more emotional balance and to stay grounded.
You can check out Smoky Quartz over here.


Boji Stones
Boji Stones are really difficult to find, and there are some other type stones around as well like moqui marbles, but they just aren’t the same. The energy of Boji Stones is much stronger. So we would like to provide you with the real deal. These come with an certificate to guarantee authinsity.
The energy of Boji Stones is strong. They are one of the most powerful stones when it comes to grounding your energies, they will guide you back to the Earth, back into your body and into the presence. Especially after doing spiritual work. They are useful for getting blockages out of the way and give a helping hand when you are struggling to get a grip on your present incarnation.
We only provide male and female sets. Meaning that one stone is male and the other female. Together they balance your male and female energies within the body and line out the chakra’s again.
All our Boji Stones are over here.


Petrified Wood
There is probably no need to explain that Petrified Wood can ground your energies as well. Trees are a good example for the well known sentence: As below as above. Their branches that grow all the way towards to sun are just a mirror from their roots that are growing deeply into the earth. So petrified wood is a very strong but also gentle tool to get your feet back unto but also into the ground. These specific ones come from….. Their energy is very subtle, they ground your energy in a smooth way so there is no shocking effect on you when you touch the ground again. This is perfect for ones who are experiencing troubles with grounding. This grounding is so subtle, they make you touch the ground so softly that you can experience your first steps on earth again, and feel what it is like and take your next step from there. Depending on the kind of tree it is from the energy of Petrified Wood also lend a helping hand in opening up to unconditional love and activate the hearth chakra. You can check out Petrified Wood over here.WOO-002_3

Please have a look at our grounding stones and see what could be of any assistance to you.