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Skulls & Stones is happy to provide you with pure beauty… Vera Cruz Amethyst, a crystal that is not only rare to find, but also very nice to own. Their very light violet colors are really beautiful, and they behold so much information for their keepers.
Each stone carries personal DNA codes and will connect you with the ever transforming violet flame. It will cleanse the aura and transform or scare off energies that don’t belong inside your aura, making room to fill the aura with the brightest light to prepare yourself for the next step.

david star 4 GEBRUIKEN!

After the first special grid Skulls & Stones has created, we came up with a second special energized grid. This grid has been created with the help of Ascended Masters (one in particular), and is created with the intention of personal happiness, bliss and prosperity. It is made out of 6 pieces Quantum Quattro and one piece of Boli Stone. Boli Stone has only recently been discovered and is the stone of world peace.


Now that we are moving further towards 2014 the Crystal skulls are getting more and more popular. And that is not without reason. The time for us to work with crystal skulls on a more intense level is here. The crystal skulls are more than happy to guide us on a personal level, but also on a global and universal scale. They are opening up our inner light, our inner soul that has been put aside for far too long.


Leaves are turning yellow and brown, temperature is falling and the forests are smelling roughly with a mixture of leaves, sand, mud and conifers. This means the summer is gone, and that usually provides a time to turn deep into yourself and reflect, introspect and ground your roots again.

Brandberg Crystals at Skulls & Stones

Brandberg crystals are a true Skulls & Stones favorite, not only by their unique look and coloration, but also because of their energy. They have a very high frequency, which can do a lot for you. They come in different sizes and shapes, but mostly they are not very easy to get by. You have Brandberg Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quarts, Smoky Amehtyst and Brandberg Citrine which is the rarest of them all. And like all other stones, they come in all sizes although most commonly they are found in smaller pieces, that is why the real big pieces are rare and therefore more expensive.


With the loving support from Archangel Uriel and his friends, Skulls & Stones is happy to provide you with these energized grids of Petalite.
This a grid made out of 10 pieces of Petalite. Petalite is a stone that already resonates with the Angelic realm. With a high vibration petalite opens cosmic awareness . It supports spiritual cleansing. This stone calms the aura, opens the throat and the higher crown chakra and connects with high spiritual vibrations.