Since this website exists, I have been looking for the carver of this beautiful skulls. This is about 2 years. Intentions were set out, spiritual guides were asked, and many searches have been made on the internet. I did not know anything about this guy, only that he makes the greatest skulls you will see and that he is living in Bali, Indonesia. After many searches and a long wait, I have finally met this talented carver.

So without further ado, I would like to present these beautiful Amber Skulls. They are made from very nice Amber that is found in Borneo. They have many different colorations. Some are more yellow and orange, others are brown, with inclusions and color accents. The nicest ones I find, are the darker ones, some are almost black, with blue and sometimes yellow accents.

The carving of these skulls is amazing! They are carved with lifelike details, and to consider that these skulls are small, you can tell it is done by a master carver, who has the gift of carving with precision and does this with dedication. The teeth are stunning, the jawbones look very nice and the eyes are done very nicely as well.

Amber Skulls - Skulls & Stones
The energy that comes from these skulls…. Well there almost are no words…. As I love almost every skull as a being, no matter what material they are made out of, and who has carved them, these skulls are a kind of favorite. It is like the beings that have connected themselves with the materialized skull, or are incarnated into it, are very old energy forms, that have knowledge from many ancient life forms and times. However they don’t just enclose this information, they only will if they find their right keeper. Having them around is really great, and I do hope that they will find their way to you as well.

So please have a look at these Amber Skulls to see if they make a connection with you.