Thank you kindly for visiting Skulls & Stones, your online department store for crystal skulls and crystal stones. We provide you with mother nature’s gift with a spiritual intention. To bring healing, transformation, protection or what so ever, we are trying to offer the highest quality and the highest vibrating crystals.

Now the Earth is moving towards a higher vibrating dimension and the light is shining bright on us, we need the love and guidance from the different stone types more than ever to clear our past and create more balance in ourselves and in the world we are living in. We are pleased to be one of the many people out there that has a role in this as well, by bringing to you extraordinary pieces of stones and off course crystal skulls. The products that are selected for this site are those who are needed for the moment. Because the Earth is changing rapidly the people as well are changing with that movement, and so there is a different energy for every moment. To guide, heal or transfer information to where it is needed most.

A message from one of our guides..  “Within the connection of light everything is created. Within the movement of light everything that wants to be born will be born. Within the structure of light, you are born. Everything that consists of light has the capability to heal. The pattern between everything that is happening on Earth is the same pattern that creates and discreates in the universe. Now is a great time to move into new dimensions, not known by anybody yet, not known by even the highest form of light. But time will come that we will arrive. Love is the key to you. Love is what created the crystal skulls and stones you can find on this website. Love is the everlasting river that will bring you were you need to go.“

In my life different sorts of gemstones, and later on also crystal skulls, have helped me growing and developing in many different ways. I have experienced the help from these treasures during my personal ups and downs, and I would like them to help others as well. That is why I started this website. Because if it helps you as an individual to develop and become one, it helps the world become one as well.

About our Logo
Although not made with the intention to be the logo, after first seen it felt the right image to use. It is a mixture between a human and a bird skull, packed in feathers like an Indian. After buying one of our products you will receive the logo, printed on the back of our business card. You can use it in different ways we think. By just making contact with it, it can give you something.


About the products
The products you can find on this website are selected with great care. Most of the time we get our product direct from the source, keeping the energy as clear as possible.
We don’t sell all stone types but, as mentioned before, only those we feel that are needed for the moment. Making this website an great experience every time you visit it, because there will be many different things to catch your eye.
Thank you for visiting the website, if you have any questions please ask at: